Beautiful Mind (Research-Based Neuroscience)

Program Description
Have you ever wondered how the brain controls human behaviour, how the brain forms memories and how memory loss occurs in dementia? How do painkillers (e.g., paracetamol) know where the pain is in your body? Have you ever wondered how drugs are discovered and tested for safety before they reach the market? Are you interested in becoming a neuroscientist and exploring the brain? Are you interested in research and drug discovery for neurological disorders such as dementia and depression? Beautiful Mind (Aspiring Neuroscientists) is a research-based enrichment program at Alfaisal University. It is an excellent opportunity for students interested in learning about the function and diseases of the brain. Moreover, the program is suitable for students curious about scientific research.

The students will learn about dementia, addiction, depression, and anxiety. The program provides hands-on practical experience in the lab, interactive lectures, quizzes, and workshops. Moreover, the students will develop skills in conducting scientific research, designing experiments, learning laboratory techniques, drug discovery, and testing within the neuroscience field. By the end of the program, the students will develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. In addition, the students will choose a scientific topic to discuss and debate at the end of the program.

Weekly Detailed Description

Week one theme

  • Overview of brain development and function
  • Basics of pharmacology and drug actions
  • Research methodology and scientific experimental design
  • Conduct a laboratory experiment e.g., Caffeine and your heart rate

Week two theme – Drugs and diseases

  • Overview of neurological diseases e.g., dementia, depression
  • Overview of addiction
  • Students choose and start their research topic.
  • Laboratory notebook will be provided to document laboratory experiments and results
  • Basic introduction to data interpretation.
  • News special session: students discuss a hot news topic in neuroscience.

Week three theme – drug discovery from laboratory bench to bedside (clinical use)

  • Introduction to preclinical drug testing
  • Drug testing - clinical trials and ethics in research
  • Pharmacogenomics: personalized medicine
  • Multi-drug resistance (meningitis)
  • Scientific debate sessions to improve their critical thinking and communication skills.


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