The Empowered Entrepreneur
“Unleash the hidden entrepreneur in you!”

Date: June 20 - July 8, 2021 [ The program has reached Maximum Capacity ]
Time: 12:30 - 5:00 P.M
Location: On-campus, Alfaisal University
Fees: 3750 SAR

Course Description
Alfaisal University offers an intensive Entrepreneurship with introduction to accounting segment and Project Management program for high school students. The first part of the program is an idea generation program designed to engage students in creating viable innovative concepts that solve real world challenges. By participating in ideation activities students become more proficient in recognizing start-up business opportunities and the program offers a unique chance to support and showcase their student-led innovation ideas. Integrated with this segment is an introduction to financial statements, budgeting and the stock market.The second part 2 of the program, Project Management Skills for life (Daily sessions from 2:45-5pm), provides an understanding of project management concepts, explains how a project manager and team can effectively define a project, organize the work, create a plan, and work the plan to a successful conclusion. As a project manager, you will start to develop skills necessary to lead and manage successful initiatives. By practicing the project management simulations and other activities, you will determine strategies that will guide throughout your entrepreneurship challenges successfully. The program is infused with the guided YOGA power of visual meditation techniques to be calmer, more creative, comfortable with deep thinking, more joyful, and less worried as an entrepreneur.

Course Goals

  1. Development of critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills
  2. Development of teamwork and communication skills through peer to-peer feedback and instructor-led critiques
  3. Gain experiences using various multidisciplinary tools
  4. Experience university-level instruction in an interactive environment
  5. Make new friends and have fun!

Dr Basil Dudin is a faculty member at the Department of Software Engineering, College of Engineering, Al Faisal University. He has over 20 years of teaching experience in various IT and business-related programs. Dr Dudin has developed special interest in Entrepreneurship, Project, and Strategic Management during his master’s degree. He has delivered relevant courses and workshops to both IT and Engineering students to help them complement their technical knowledge. Dr Dudin has a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies and MSc in Information Management from Lancaster University in the UK.

Moshira Mohamed is Quality Assurance & Accreditation Officer at the College of Engineering. Moshira is a certified Project Manager since 2013 and Senior Member in IEEE. Moshira’s work responsibilities are in ensuring the quality of learning at the college is aligned with international educational standards. Moshira is a Certified Trainer respecting Project Management Institute (PMI®) code of Ethics who believes in Project Management Best Practices as a framework for a successful life. Moshira is currently an MBA candidate at the College of Business.

Talal Alkadi is Venture Capitalist and an entrepreneur in Fintech. He worked in treasury and investment in the banking industry for many years, serving key players the likes of Riyad Bank and Saudi Investment Bank. He graduated from the American University of Sharjah with his BSc in Finance and Management, and is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from AlFaisal University. Furthermore, Talal’s expertise is complimented by two professional certificates (Capital Market Authority Exam, CME-1 & the Retail Banking Foundation Professional Exam, SAMA).

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