Course Description
MobiSiTech+ track introduces mobile, web, gaming development and security aspects in a high-level manner for all enthusiastic beginners. Students will be able to implement mobile applications and websites that can serve in various real-life sectors (e.g. educational, business, entertainment, and gaming ...etc). Furthermore, they can see how mobile apps interact with other software fields like IoT and ML and they will learn about hacking techniques and how to defend systems against attacks.

The main purpose of this track is teaching high school students the basics of programming in a fun and interactive environment to encourage them to convert any idea into real world application and serve their community using trendy technologies. It’s also designed to give a realistic overview of a Software Engineer student’s life. Moreover, the students get introduced to many discussions during the course time to help sharpen their knowledge into the technology sector. To achieve the success factors expected of this program, the students will be encouraged to participate in many fun competitions to learn necessary teamwork skills.

Weekly Detailed Description

Week 1

  • Mobile App Development Introduction
  • Blocks Programming & MIT Inventor
  • Virtual & Physical Testing
  • Navigation Approaches
  • Mobile-based IoT
  • Mobile-based Machine learning
  • Game Development
  • Lab: Hands-on Practice
  • HOC global challenge

Week 2

  • Introduction to web development
  • Basics of HTML / HTML5
  • Basics of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Lab: Hands-on Practice
  • Theme Projects

Week 3

  • Introduction to Security threats
  • Cyber security attacks
  • Hacking and System exploitation
  • Hackers and crackers
  • Web vulnerabilities and defenses
  • Hackathon Competition
  • Event Day

Eng. Hoda Elsayed holds a BSc and MSE degree in Software Engineering and is a certified Oracle Member and a registered professional educator at IBM institute. She is currently an instructor of Software Engineering with nearly 4 years of academic teaching experience at Alfaisal university, KSA. She likes working on big data analysis, machine learning, mobile development and games implementations. She is an author of publications in academic journals and conferences and has been awarded by many entities for her research contribution.

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