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Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP) aim to bridge the gap between high school and University. Multidisciplinary programs of different durations are offered around the year, online and on-campus. AUEP deliver high-yield concepts, labor-market skills and insight to trending topics in an innovative and hands-on manner to widen the students’ horizons and raise a generation that is equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel.

*Please note that these programs are intended for high school students (including recent grade 12 graduates) only. Any registered university student will not be allowed to attend the program, and no refund will be offered.

COVID-19 Notice
Your health is crucial. Alfaisal University is dedicated to the protection and well-being of its visitors and community members. Alfaisal University is unable to guarantee a COVID-19 free environment. COVID-19 exposure is unfortunately possible in every public place where people are present. Reducing the risk of COVID-19 infections at Alfaisal University is a joint responsibility. Every member of our community – including you – must do their part.

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AI Academy

Aspiring Physicians
Mastering English Communication
Cybersecurity Bootcamp
The Empowered Entrepreneur
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