Dear Prospective Student,

Dr. Dana Bhakeet

I immensely welcome you to the Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP) family, an entity that was started with a mission to equip you, our future leaders, with the needed tools to acquire a growth mindset and make sound career choices that align with personal inclination, labor market needs and our beloved country’s vision.

AUEP was created with the best resources at Alfaisal University to give you firsthand exposure to fundamental, evolving and trending fields through high caliber teaching, group activities, and extensive hands-on training. In addition to knowledge, we want to give widen your insight, build, and refine your interpersonal skills that shape your personality and pave the way to your success in life.

At AUEP, you are part of a family and support system that will support and guide you as you venture your way through the program. You will be challenged, but I urge you to go forth with a spirit of exploration, as I’m confident you will be introduced to new perspectives and ideas. It’s a pleasure and honor to have you with us, I wish you best of luck, and I hope you’ll join AUEP for an unforgettable experience.


Dana Bakheet, PhD
Director, Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs
Professor of Pharmacology, Vice Dean for Female Affairs,
College of Medicine
Scientist, Centre for Genomic Medicine, KFSH&RC


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